Any special event or occasion can be made more memorable with the inclusion of an exotic animal encounter as part of the fun.  Children’s or adult’s birthday parties, family gatherings, Halloween parties, Xmas & New Year events, summer garden parties, hen or stag parties, weddings and many more.

Pre-planned party visits can provide a chosen selection of animals to meet the needs of the children or adults.  You can choose from a selection of:

Reptiles & amphibians (cold blooded critters)
Larger than life insects & arachnids (bugs)
Not so friendly selection – demonstrations of snake hooking, gloved handling.

A mixed selection of animals can also be provided to suit, arranged prior to the event.  Party encounter sessions can take the form of short visits & photo opportunities through to all day events with a full display stall & a fully interactive meet & greet.  Handling certificates or themed gifts can be made available on request.


Price Guide

Party packages are charged based on duration, with an hour being generally considered the minimum. local 45 minute sessions or brief visits  to parties will be considered – the number of animals made available will depend on the size of the party group & the duration of the booking. Most party guests will want to handle as many animals as are supplied so please bear this in mind when booking, loads of guests & loads of animals won’t work if you only want an hour’s visit.

45 minute session or shorter appearance (Leyland/Lostock Hall only) based on small groups (adults or children) = £120

All other party encounters are charged at £165 for the initial 60 minutes with additional fees charged dependant upon mileage & journey time applied to the first hour only. Additional time over 60 minutes is charged at £50 per 30 minutes. Times paid are exclusive of set up & pack up times.

Children’s Parties 

For children’s birthday parties Critters invitations & Critters Handling Certificates (e-mailed)  plus a themed gift available at £10 extra  – offered free with all party bookings over £200                                                                                            


All packages are subject to an out of area charge to cover travel costs and time.  It should be noted that animals may need to settle following a longer journey or may be adversely affected by travelling. Any animal may be withdrawn from any event if this is considered in the animal’s best interests.

Please note that all prices are a guide only and that every package discussed and arranged will be individual to meet your specific requirements wherever possible, and will be charged accordingly.

As a rough guide an hour’s party will involve approximately 8 – 9 different species.

From experience, the vast majority of children enjoy & appreciate these events but with large groups of children at parties noise levels can be excessive & some children can become distracted or disruptive during the event. Whilst I don’t mind raising my voice from time to time the responsibility to control children present at any event remains a parental one.

Parties of over 20 children are not recommended for animal encounters – even with additional handlers (which increase the cost)

Why not provide a more select animal encounter as a birthday gift & allow the parties to stay wild !