Mia – Savannah Cat


Mia is a female Savannah cat – a relatively new breed not even recognised as a domesticated breed in the UK.

Savannahs originated from a planned breeding between a male Siamese cat & an African serval – a medium sized wild cat, since the first pairing savannahs have been bred with other savannahs to produce a remarkable looking cat which is significantly distinct in its appearance & behaviour but is as docile as any other well known domesticated breed. With extremely characteristic wild cat markings & very distinctive build the Savannah is usually significantly larger than other domesticated breeds, although much smaller than a serval.

Savannahs can be kept without any licensing requirements attributable to none domesticated breeds they are very alert, vocal & have been compared closer to dogs in their loyalty to their handler & their adaptability to training.

Mia is only available for very selective events – not children’s parties.