Public Events

Critters interactive can provide exotic animals to suit any occasion from large public events and shows to smaller corporate gatherings, trade shows, open evenings, cinema premiers and many more.

Therapeutic encounter experiences can be available to any healthcare setting, hospices or nursing homes.  Ongoing therapeutic and educational development packages can be devised for any mental health service.  Assistance in addressing specific phobias can be arranged.

Encounter sessions can take the form of short visits, walk-throughs and photo opportunities through to all day events, with a full display stall and a fully interactive meet & greet.

Currently Critters Interactive are not usually available to attend charitable fund-raising events on a no-fee basis although reduced rates or individual quotations can be offered – sorry.


Price Guide

Private and corporate static displays charged at £160 for the first hour and £120 for each hour after, although specific packages can be arranged by negotiation & fees agreed.

All packages may be subject to an out of area charge to cover travel costs and time.  It should be noted that animals may need to settle following a long journey & any animal may be withdrawn from an event if this is considered in the animal’s best interests.

Please note that all prices are a guide only and that every package discussed and arranged will be individual to meet your specific requirements wherever possible, and will be charged accordingly.