Educational Visits & Presentations

Critters Interactive offers a variety of animal experiences for schools, academies, colleges and other services for young people. Packages can be developed to suit any particular situation or educational need in line with the national curriculum. Allowing children to view and interact with exotic animals from around the world allows for a deeper understanding and perspective on the subject matter being taught.

Interacting with and caring for animals has a positive effect on the emotional development of young people and their relationship with the world. Experiences can be offered individually for specific topics or as a planned package for a series of visits.

Valid DBS, Insurance Certificates & Animal Activities License will be made available for inspection upon entering any school or similar venue. Specific risk assessments can be provided but may be charged for, standard risk assessments are available upon request.

Services Offered

Classroom based planned educational format – Supporting a variety of subjects including Art, Sciences, Geography etc. visual aids to specific educational topic ie. power-point etc can be prepared with sufficient notice.                                                                                                Individual sessions can be facilitated to cater for children with learning difficulties, autism or behavioural problems.
Forest school contribution – Native reptiles and amphibians are available currently (subject to season).
Small group meet and greet with animal handling for any occasion – team building or reward days.
Open evenings and special events – animal appearances can enhance many events, attract media attention & offer photo opportunities & fund raising.
School Fairs – This can take the form of a full animal display stall or walk-about visits with a selection of animals, duration is negotiable. We recognise the budgetary restraints on schools & will offer exceptional discounts (including no fee) for school’s proven to be valued customers.


Also for Schools

Wildlife pond creation – In order to contribute to the conservation of UK native species Critters Interactive will assist and advise in the creation of wildlife ponds which can then be managed and enjoyed by the children of the school (or other organisation).

Adopt a turtle conservation project – Only available to schools wishing to become a dedicated sanctuary due to changes in EU legislation on invasive species.

Re-homing animals as class room pets – In conjunction with BWUK CIC, Critters Interactive seeks to re-home unwanted animals with the most suitable forever homes available, many animals working with Critters Interactive are rescued or re-homed animals. Many animals can be homed successfully with schools as classroom pets at little charge to the school with ongoing support available.


Price Guide

Packages will be based on £165 – £195 for one hour display and educational talk (price variant upon group/class size).
Additional hours will be calculated at £50 per 30 minutes. Full or half day packages or block booking of repeated visits will be charged at a negotiated fixed price with a substantial discount applied.
All educational packages will be pre-planned & specific to the school’s requirements, this will necessitate good communication on the schools part with an identified point of contact.

All packages may be subject to an out of area charge to cover travel costs and time.  It should be noted that animals may need to settle following a long journey. We reserve the right to withdraw any animal from any event if this is considered in the animal’s best interests.

Please note that all prices are a guide only and that every package discussed and arranged will be individual to meet your specific requirements wherever possible, and will be charged accordingly.


Parking near to the school entrance & ideally the room/venue for the event is a necessity for unloading & for the safety of the animals. Please ensure this is part of your planning as no refund will be due if this is unduly compromised.

General safety information will be issued upon confirmed bookings & issue of invoice, it is the responsibility of the school to act accordingly to any points raised.

Sorry but we no longer accept cheques but are willing to accept a variation in terms & conditions.