Common Boa Constrictor – Ruby

A large friendly snake. With me as her third keeper. Ruby’s early life appears to have resulted in her growth being stunted, possibly through being underfed in her early years.   She also carries several scars possibly from being in contact with an unguarded heat source or from being fed live prey which fought back! Ruby has been a regular attraction at many public events over several years with the North West Reptile Club she remains a photo opportunity favourite of many children. Unfortunately Ruby has now reached an age where she has had to retire from events although she is still a much loved pet.

Boa constrictors have been a popular snake in the pet trade for many years now, despite their size they are usually predictably docile in captivity & with sustained positive human contact. They originate from South America although their range extends through to parts of Mexico and The Caribbean. In many area they live a largely arboreal life, remaining in the rain forest canopy to avoid predators. In the wild they will eat mainly birds and small mammals including bats. At the extremes of their habitat Boa Constrictors have even been known to hibernate to survive cold winters.