Other exotic amphibians

We will regularly have access to & will display a variety of other amphibians for the purpose of public shows or educational displays. Due to some concerns over the spread of disease to our native amphibians displays can be limited. Generally, amphibians are less suited to handling & are not an animal for children’s parties.

Pictured is a Cane Toad a large terrestrial toad native to South and mainland middle America, it is well known as an invasive species after being introduced to other countries to control crop pests.  Instead the Cane Toad devoured many other species, reproducing readily and with no natural predators, reaching pest status. Their toxicity proved fatal to many Australian species who attempted to prey on the toad.  They can reach sizes of over 30cm (snout to vent) and will virtually eat anything that will fit in its mouth.  They will also eat carrion which is unusual for toads or frogs. They are a common addition to exotic amphibian collections.