About us

Critters Interactive is a small business based in Leyland & primarily covering the North West Region although some events will be undertaken further afield.  Offering a range of exotic & native animals for any occasion or event, mutually selected to provide a unique & memorable experience. Please note currently we are only working with invertebrates, reptiles & amphibians.

Creating bespoke animal encounter packages for all tastes, all ages & all at competitive rates.

Several other services are offered too & the list is never exhaustive:

Addressing the educational aspects of introducing people of all ages to exotic animals, often for the first time.
Supporting other exotic hobbyists or those planning on embarking in the hobby.
Engaging local schools & organisations in conservation activities.                                                                                                                            Administrating various Facebook pages to compliment & support this hobby.


Important Information

Hygiene is very important whenever animals are handled – hand sanitising gel will be provided for use before & after handling, however we will also appreciate it if hands are clean before handling any of our animals.

The welfare of all animals attending events will always be my priority – animals may become distressed due to excessive noise levels or other conditions. Parents will remain responsible for their children’s behaviour during shows and parties. Excessive alcohol consumption also does not mix well with animal handling likewise you cannot enjoy a disco & an animal encounter simultaneously ! Please plan your events sensibly.

It is important for the enjoyment of all people and animals at events that any instructions on safe handling are followed.  It is preferable that all domestic pets are not present for encounter parties.  Any event terminated prematurely due to the actions of others present will be charged at the full rate.

Animals provided for parties and handling experiences at shows will be considered suited to the event. However, as with all animals there can be no absolute guarantee that their behaviour will remain predictable.  An ongoing risk assessment of an event may result in an animal being withdrawn from being handled.

Please note that the majority of animals ’employed’ by Critters Interactive are actually my pets, I do not & will not warehouse animals to simply pick one of many as needed for an event. As such their welfare, health & happiness are my paramount concerns during every event worked & it is planned that this will never be compromised by your own enjoyment & appreciation of these creatures during your individual encounter.

Please note that all images of children displayed on any form of social media related to Critters Interactive Animal Encounters are provided with parental consent, where these have been forwarded by an events organiser it has been made explicit that parental consent will have been given.

GDPR Compliance statement

Critters Interactive only requires that customers provide the basic contact information required for the sole purpose of meeting contractual requirements, this information will be held securely & never be shared with any third party nor retained beyond completion of the contractual requirements.

Whereby contractual arrangements are ongoing with representatives of an organisation (ie a school) business contact information will be retained, held securely for use only in connection with the contractual relationship.

Terms & Conditions

Upon accepting a quotation for any booking a minimum of 20% deposit is required to guarantee the agreed date & time slot.                       The deposit is considered non-refundable in the event of changes or cancellations made by the customer although we will endeavour to cater for minor variations in times, a change of date cannot be guaranteed.

Invoices will be routinely provided for encounters booked with any organisation, terms and conditions may be subject to variation.

Animal Rescue & Re-homing

Many of the animals I work with are either rescued or re-homed. I am happy to assist with anyone wishing to re-home an animal & will utilise the resources of National Exotics in finding a suitable home for your pet. I can also board animals on a temporary basis until suitable homes can be found.


Animal Boarding

As a long term exotic animal hobbyist I am aware at how impractical & expensive boarding arrangements can be with options being limited to a small selection of pet shops. I am at times able to offer boarding to most types of animal on an individual basis for both long & short term rates.


Animal Recapture

I am happy to be contacted in the event of the escape of an exotic animal & can where practical assist in the safe & humane recapture of most species. I also run the only exotic animal & wildlife search & rescue organisation  National Exotics (BeastWatch UK CIC) & as such am able to access a network of like-minded people who can often assist in these matters across the whole UK.



Mike Potts of Critters Interactive has worked with exotic animals for over forty years, he is the Chief Executive of BeastWatch UK CIC who operate national animal rescue services for exotic animals & wildlife under the name National Exotics. He has been with the organisation over 12 years & has been instrumental in its development to become what it is today. Most of the animals he keeps as pets were either rescued or rehomed to him.

Mike was a long term member & Conservation Officer for the North West Reptile Club. He still runs the conservation Facebook page Grass Snake Conservation North West & is still looking for these elusive creatures in Lancashire despite them being considered locally extinct. He also admins on various other exotics groups.

In 2017 he was involved as a partner in establishing The Unconventional Menagerie Exotic Pet Shop & Education Centre based in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent – which in addition to being the largest exotic pet emporium in Staffordshire provides many services & educational opportunities to the local community, as well as being the new home of the Staffordshire Exotics Society.

30 years psychiatric nursing experience – retired 2016
DBS Enhanced Cert No. 001477682555
Animal Activities License No TE01 – South Ribble Borough Council
Public Indemnity Insurance (£5M)